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Part of Speech(动) verb
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忧伤yōushāngdistressed; laden with grief
伤怀shānghuáigrieved; full of sorrow
chōnggrieved; distressed; sad; uneasy
悲恻bēicègrieved; sorrowful
悲摧bēicuīgrieved; miserable
惨怛cǎndágrieved; distressed
惨然cǎnrángrieved; distressed
chóugrieved, pained
grieved; anxious
liègrieved; distressed
chóu(simplified form of ) grieved, pained
chóu(same as ) grieved; pained; in deep grief; to lament deeply
grieved; distressed; ill with grief and exhausted
痛心tòngxīngrieved; pained
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