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Part of Speech(名) noun
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grain; millet; goose pimples; (Chinese surname)
niángrain; harvest (old)
grain; corn
谷粒gǔlìgrain (of cereal)
颖果yǐngguǒgrain; caryopsis (single seed typical of grasses)
粒子lìzigrain (of rice); granule
liánggrain; food; provisions; agricultural tax paid in grain
(ancient form of ) grains, millet, Indian corn
suǒgrains, rice plant, an ear of grain
jiùgrain (of rice, etc.)
liáng(simplified form) (same as ) grains; foodstuff; provisions; rations
grain, corn
grain; granule; measure word for small round things (peas, bullets, peanuts, pills, grains etc)
cereal; grain
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