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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Dazzlingly beautiful.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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华丽的huálì degorgeous
灿烂cànlànto glitter; brilliant; splendid
斑斓bānlángorgeous; brightly colored; multi-colored
绚丽xuànlìgorgeous; magnificent
艳丽yànlìgorgeous; garish and beautiful
华彩huácǎigorgeous; resplendent or rich color
如金似玉rú jīn sì yùlike gold or jade (idiom); gorgeous; lovely; splendorous
斑谰bānlánbrightly colored; gorgeous; multi-colored
明丽mínglìbright and beautiful; (of a landscape) gorgeous; (of a color) vibrant
秀色可餐xiù sè kě cāna feast for the eyes (idiom); (of women) gorgeous; graceful; (of scenery) beautiful
绚烂xuànlànsplendid; gorgeous; dazzling
绚丽多彩xuànlì duōcǎibright and colorful; gorgeous
绮灿qǐcànenchanting; gorgeous
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