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(形) As an adjective
  1. Reflecting light.
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白花花bái huā huāshining white
熠熠yìyìglistening; bright
欲滴yùdī(suffix) replete (with moisture); glistening; plump and tender; lovely; alluring
清莹qīngyínglimpid; glistening
亮锃锃liàng zèng zèngpolished to a shine; shiny; glistening
熠烁yìshuòto twinkle; to glimmer; to glisten
闪亮shǎnliàngbrilliant; shiny; a flare; to glisten; to twinkle
闪闪shǎnshǎnflickering; sparkling; glistening; glittering
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