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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. More than adequate.
  2. Willing to give and share unstintingly.
  3. Not petty in character and mind.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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大量的dàliàng dea large amount of
大量dàliànggreat amount; large quantity; bulk; numerous; generous; magnanimous
丰富fēngfùto enrich; rich; plentiful; abundant
慷慨kāngkǎivehement; fervent; generous; giving; liberal
优厚yōuhòugenerous, liberal (pay, compensation)
kānggenerous; magnanimous
chuògenerous; ample; wide; spacious; well-off; to grip
丰厚fēnghòugenerous; ample
雍容大度yōngróng dàdùgenerous
大方dàfanggenerous; magnanimous; stylish; in good taste; easy-mannered; natural and relaxed
优渥yōuwòhandsome (pay etc); generous; liberal
厚道hòudaokind and honest; generous; sincere
大度dàdùmagnanimous; generous (in spirit)
宽厚kuānhòutolerant; generous; magnanimous; thick and broad (build); thick and deep (voice)
宽大为怀kuāndà wéi huáimagnanimous (idiom); generous
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