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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Full of trivial conversation.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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饶舌ráoshétalkative; to blather; to shoot one's mouth off; rap (genre of music)
多嘴duōzuǐtalkative; to speak out of turn; to blab; to shoot one's mouth off; rumors fly
呢呢nínígarrulous; talkative
zhāngarrulous; to whisper; to joke
chè(corrupted form of ) garrulous, to whisper, to joke
犯贫fànpín(dialect) to talk nonsense; garrulous
絮絮叨叨xùxu dāodaolong-winded; garrulous; to talk endlessly without getting to the point
贫嘴pínzuǐtalkative; garrulous; loquacious; flippant; jocular
贫腔pínqiāngverbose; garrulous
絮叨xùdaolong-winded; garrulous; to talk endlessly without getting to the point
婆婆妈妈pópo māmaeffeminate; old-womanish; garrulous; fainthearted; overly careful; overly sensitive; maudlin
贫气pínqìmean; stingy; garrulous
唠叨láodaoto prattle; to chatter away; to nag; garrulous; nagging
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