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劲力jìnlìforce; strength
qiǎngto force; to compel; to strive; to make an effort
强使qiángshǐto force; to oblige
to force; to compel; to approach or go towards; urgent; pressing
逼迫bīpòto force; to compel; to coerce
迫使pòshǐto force; to compel
to force (somebody to do something); to compel; to press for; to extort; to press on towards; to press up to; to close in on; used in the place of , cunt
勒令lèlìngto order; to force
勒逼lèbīto coerce; to force; to press somebody into doing something
强逼qiǎngbīto compel; to force
迫令pòlìngto order; to force
暴力bàolìviolence; force; violent
强迫qiǎngpòto compel; to force
power; force; strength; ability; strenuously; (Chinese surname)
力量lìliangpower; force; strength
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