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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Forceful and definite in expression or action.
  2. Characterized by or full of force or strength (often but not necessarily physical).
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Matching Results
有力yǒulìpowerful; forceful; vigorous
强烈的qiángliè destrong
强烈qiánglièintense; (violently) strong
jiéforceful; martial
严词yáncíforceful (criticism etc); to use strong words
咄咄逼人duōduō bīrénoverbearing; forceful; aggressive; menacing; imperious
强有力qiáng yǒulìstrong; forceful
泼辣pōlashrewish; pungent; forceful; bold and vigorous
苍劲cāngjìnbold; upright and strong; vigorous; forceful (brush strokes); sureness of touch
苍老cānglǎoold; aged; (of calligraphy or painting) vigorous; forceful
雄浑xiónghúnvigorous; firm; forceful
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