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(形) As an adjective
  1. Shining unsteadily.
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闪烁shǎnshuòflickering; twinkling; evasive; vague (of speech)
摇曳yáoyèto sway gently (as in the wind); (of a flame) to flicker
一闪一闪yī shǎn yī shǎncoruscate
幢幢chuángchuáng(shadows) flickering; dancing
明灭míngmièto flicker; to flash on and off; to brighten and fade
烁烁shuòshuòflickering; glittering
闪闪shǎnshǎnflickering; sparkling; glistening; glittering
忽悠hūyouto rock; to sway; to flicker (e.g. of lights reflected on water); to flutter (e.g. of a flag); to trick somebody into doing something; to dupe; to con
颤巍巍chànwēi wēitrembling; swaying; flickering; tottering; faltering
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