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English Definition
(副) As an adverb
  1. Finally.
  2. Finally.
  3. Finally.
Part of Speech(副) adverb
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最后zuìhòufinal; last; finally; ultimate
最终zuìzhōngfinal; ultimate
决定性地juédìngxìng defatefully
决定性juédìng xìngdecisive; conclusive
到底dàodǐfinally; in the end; when all is said and done; after all; to the end; to the last
到了dàoliǎoat last; finally; in the end
端然duānránupright; finally; unexpectedly
结末jiémòending; finally
到头来dàotóu láiin the end; finally; as a result
总算zǒngsuànat long last; finally; on the whole
soldier; servant; to finish; to die; finally; at last; pawn in Chinese chess
suìto satisfy; to succeed; then; thereupon; finally; unexpectedly; to proceed; to reach
究竟jiūjìng, jiùjìng (Tw)to go to the bottom of a matter; after all; when all is said and done; (in an interrogative sentence) finally; outcome; result
终于zhōngyúat last; in the end; finally; eventually
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