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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Generously supplied with.
  2. (of time) taken up.
  3. Of purchase orders that have been filled.
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填充tiánchōngpad; padding
yíngfull; filled; surplus
full; filled, full of air or gas, a heart full of (enthusiasm, sorrow, etc.)
充填chōngtiánto fill (gap, hole, area, blank); to pad out; to complement; (dental) filling; filled
chén(ancient form of ) (interchangeable ) sink, deep; profound, joy; delight, happy; peaceful (interchangeable ) deep water; deep pool, leisurely; relaxed, dewy, full; filled, wet; damp; moist, clear (interchangeable ) to dip; to immerse; to soak, swell
mǎnto fill; full; filled; packed; fully; completely; quite; to reach the limit; to satisfy; satisfied; contented; Manchu ethnic group; abbr. for Manchuria
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