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文件wénjiàndocument; file
入禀rùbǐngto file (law)
cuòto file
卷宗juànzōngfile; folder; dossier
存档cúndàngto file; to save a file (computer); saved data (for a video game etc)
文档wéndàng(computer) file
锉刀cuòdāofile (metalworking and woodworking tool)
file; rasp; polishing tool, to burnish, to polish, the handle of a lances and spear
档案dàng'ànfile; record; archive
文件夹wénjiàn jiāfolder; file (paper)
案卷ànjuànrecords; files; archives
纵队zòngduìcolumn; file
dàng, dǎng (Tw)official records; file; records; archives
备案bèi'ànto put on record; to file
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