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外形wàixíngfigure; shape; external form; contour
图形túxíngpicture; figure; diagram; graph; depiction; graphical
画像huàxiàngportrait; to do a portrait of somebody
人物rénwùperson; character (in a play, novel etc); protagonist
身形shēnxíngfigure (esp. a woman's)
体形tǐxíngfigure; bodily form
体态tǐtàifigure; physique; posture
形体xíngtǐfigure; physique; form and structure
suànto regard as; to figure
纹饰wénshìdecorative motif; figure
身态shēntàipose; figure; attitude
身影shēnyǐngsilhouette; figure
身段shēnduàna woman's physique; figure; posture on stage
人士rénshìperson; figure; public figure
shùnumber; figure; several
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