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枷锁jiāsuǒstocks and chain; in fetters
脚镣jiǎoliàofetters; leg-irons
liàofetters; leg-irons; shackles
zhuófetters, shackles
braces (med.); fetters; manacles
网罗wǎngluónet for fishing or bird catching; (fig.) fetters; to snare (a valuable new team member etc); to bring together under the one umbrella
羁绊jībàntrammels; fetters; yoke; to restrain; to hinder; restraint
fetters; to fetter
kàoshackles; fetters; manacle
枷销jiāxiāoyoke; chains; shackles; fetters
禁锢jìngùto confine; to imprison; prohibition; shackles; fetters
束缚shùfù, shùfú (Tw)to bind; to restrict; to tie; to commit; fetters
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