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juévariant of ; role
jiǎofoot; leg (of an animal or an object); base (of an object); measure word for kicks
chěone of the characters used to represent a musical note in gongche notation, 工尺谱
chǐa Chinese foot; one-third of a meter; a ruler; a tape-measure; one of the three acupoints for measuring pulse in Chinese medicine
韵脚yùnjiǎorhyming word ending a line of verse; rhyme
chǐfoot (unit of length equal to 0.3048 m); old form of modern 英尺
脚丫子jiǎo yā zi(coll.) foot
英尺yīngchǐfoot (unit of length equal to 0.3048 m)
音步yīnbùfoot (syllabic unit in verse); meter; scansion
feet; (same as U+47F8 ) the calf; muscles; tissue of the part of leg between the knee and ankle, a disease of the feet
foot; to be sufficient; ample
步兵bùbīnginfantry; foot; infantryman; foot soldier
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