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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Get or cause to become in a difficult or laborious manner.
  2. Obtain by coercion or intimidation.
  3. Obtain through intimidation.
Part of Speech(及物的动) transitive verb
Matching Results
勒索lèsuǒto blackmail; to extort
敲诈qiāozhàto rip off; to extort (money); extortion; blackmail
暴敛bàoliǎnto overtax; to extort
juānfleece; extort; reduce
讹人érénto blackmail; to extort
追索zhuīsuǒto demand payment; to extort; to trace; to seek; to pursue; to explore
lōuto draw towards oneself; to gather; to gather up (one's gown, sleeves etc); to grab (money); to extort
索贿suǒhuìto exact bribes; to solicit bribes; to demand bribes; to extort
追逼zhuībīto pursue closely; to press; to demand (payment); to extort (a concession)
éerror; false; to extort
to force (somebody to do something); to compel; to press for; to extort; to press on towards; to press up to; to close in on; used in the place of , cunt
guāto scrape; to blow; to shave; to plunder; to extort
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