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(动) As a verb
  1. Serve as a reason or cause or justification of.
  2. Make plain and comprehensible.
  3. Define.
Part of Speech(动) verb, (及物的动) transitive verb
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解释jiěshìexplanation; to explain; to interpret; to resolve
说明shuōmíngto explain; to illustrate; to indicate; to show; to prove; explanation; directions; caption
辩解biànjiěto explain; to justify; to defend (a point of view etc); to provide an explanation; to try to defend oneself
分说fēnshuōto explain (the difference)
训释xùnshìto explain; to interpret; interpretation
quánto explain; to comment; to annotate
诠解quánjiěto explain (a text)
讲明jiǎngmíngto explain
shìto explain; to release; Buddha (abbr. for 释迦牟尼); Buddhism
阐释chǎnshìto explain; to expound; to interpret; elucidation
作解释zuò jiěshìto explain
解释一下jiěshì yīxiàto explain
解说jiěshuōto explain; to comment
讲解jiǎngjiěto explain
分诉fēnsùto narrate; to explain; to justify oneself
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