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xiǎngto enjoy; to benefit; to have the use of
享用xiǎngyòngto enjoy (i.e. have the use or benefit of)
受享shòuxiǎngto enjoy
受用shòuyòngto enjoy; to reap the benefits (of something)
纵享zòngxiǎngto enjoy; to indulge in
过过guòguoto enjoy; to satisfy (one's desires etc)
享受到xiǎngshòu dàoto enjoy
享受享受xiǎngshòu xiǎngshòuto enjoy
享有xiǎngyǒuto enjoy (rights, privileges etc)
享受xiǎngshòuto enjoy; to live it up; pleasure
消受xiāoshòuto bear; to enjoy (usually in negative combination, meaning unable to enjoy)
欣赏xīnshǎngto appreciate; to enjoy; to admire
to receive; to accept; to enjoy; to bring into; to pay (tax etc); nano- (one billionth); to reinforce sole of shoes or stockings by close sewing; (Chinese surname)
玩赏wánshǎngto appreciate; to take pleasure in; to enjoy
yàn(standard form of ) a swallow, comfort; ease; to soothe (interchangeable ) to feast; to enjoy, name of a certain feudal States
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