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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Bind with something round or circular.
  2. Form a circle around.
Part of Speech(及物的动) transitive verb
Matching Results
环绕huánràoto surround; to circle; to revolve around
围绕wéiràoto revolve around; to center on (an issue)
包围bāowéito surround; to encircle; to hem in
兜圈子dōu quānzito encircle; to go around; to circle; to beat about the bush
环抱huánbàoto encircle; surrounded by
wéito encircle; to surround; all around; to wear by wrapping around (scarf, shawl); (Chinese surname)
围起wéiqǐto surround; to encircle; to enclose; to fence in
huáncircle; encircle
拱抱gǒngbàoto enfold; to encircle
萦绕yíngràoto linger on; to hover; to encircle
转圈zhuànquānto rotate; to twirl; to run around; to encircle; rotation; (coll.) to speak indirectly; to beat about the bush
quán(same as ) coiled; curled; drawn together; not stretched, (dialect) to surround; to encircle; to enclose
huánring; hoop; loop; (chain) link; measure word for scores in archery, etc.; to surround; to encircle; to hem in; (Chinese surname)
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