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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Use cautiously and frugally.
  2. Spend sparingly, avoid the waste of.
Part of Speech(动) verb
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节约jiéyuēto economize; to conserve (resources); economy; frugal
节省jiéshěngsaving; to save; to use sparingly; to cut down on
有效地利用yǒuxiàode lìyòngeconomize
shěngto save; to economize; to do without; to omit; to leave out; province
yuēto make an appointment; to invite; approximately; pact; treaty; to economize; to restrict; to reduce (a fraction); concise
jiéfestival; holiday; node; joint; section; segment; part; to economize; to save; to abridge; moral integrity; measure word for segments, e.g. lessons, train wagons, biblical verses
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