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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. Freedom from activity (work or strain or responsibility).
  2. Freedom from difficulty or hardship or effort.
  3. Freedom from constraint or embarrassment.
  4. The condition of being comfortable or relieved (especially after being relieved of distress).
  5. A freedom from financial difficulty that promotes a comfortable state.
(动) As a verb
  1. Lessen pain or discomfort; alleviate.
  2. Make easier.
  3. Lessen the intensity of or calm.
  4. Move gently or carefully.
Part of Speech(名) noun, (动) verb, (及物的动) transitive verb
Matching Results
安乐ānlèpeace and happiness; Anle district of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan
安逸ānyìeasy and comfortable; easy
悠闲yōuxiánvariant of 悠閒leisurely
安心ānxīnat ease; to feel relieved; to set one's mind at rest; to keep one's mind on something
减轻jiǎnqīngto lighten; to ease; to alleviate
放松fàngsōngto loosen; to relax
舒缓shūhuǎnto ease (tension); to relax; to cause something to relax; to alleviate; relaxed; easy and unhurried; leisurely; soothing; mild (slope)
缓和huǎnhéto ease (tension); to alleviate; to moderate; to allay; to make more mild
纾解shūjiěto relieve; to ease (pressure); to alleviate; to remove; to get rid of
yàn(standard form of ) a swallow, comfort; ease; to soothe (interchangeable ) to feast; to enjoy, name of a certain feudal States
疏解shūjiěto mediate; to mitigate; to ease; to relieve
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