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饮料yǐnliàodrink; beverage
xiàto drink; to swallow, disease of the throat; disease of the larynx
hāito drink, to swallow
zhānto drink; to sip; to taste; to lick; whisper; petty
to drink; to swallow
shàto drink
酒水饮料jiǔshuǐ yǐnliàodrink (on a menu)
jǐnto drink; refreshment; to have a little drink sweet, delicious; tasty
喝酒hējiǔto drink (alcohol)
饮用yǐnyòngdrink; drinking or drinkable (water)
yǐnto drink
to drink; My goodness!
shuòto suck; to drink
xiāto sip; to suck; to swallow; to drink
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