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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. The act of drawing or hauling something.
  2. Poker in which a player can discard cards and receive substitutes from the dealer.
  3. The quarterback moves back as if to pass and then hands the ball to the fullback who is running toward the line of scrimmage.
  4. A golf shot that curves to the left for a right-handed golfer.
  5. A playing card or cards dealt or taken from the pack.
  6. Anything (straws or pebbles etc.) taken or chosen at random.
  7. The finish of a contest in which the score is tied and the winner is undecided.
  8. A gully that is shallower than a ravine.
  9. An entertainer who attracts large audiences.
(动) As a verb
  1. Cause to localize at one point.
  2. Flatten, stretch, or mold metal or glass, by rolling or by pulling it through a die or by stretching.
  3. Remove the entrails of.
  4. Steep; pass through a strainer.
  5. Reduce the diameter of (a wire or metal rod) by pulling it through a die.
  6. Contract.
  7. Bring or lead someone to a certain action or condition.
  8. Select or take in from a given group or region.
  9. Make, formulate, or derive in the mind.
  10. Give a description of.
  11. Choose at random.
  12. Finish a game with an equal number of points, goals, etc..
  13. Suck in or take (air).
  14. Pass over, across, or through.
  15. Move or pull so as to cover or uncover something.
  16. Stretch back a bowstring (on an archer's bow).
  17. Thread on or as if on a string.
  18. Cause to move by pulling.
  19. Direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes.
  20. Take in, also metaphorically.
  21. Make a mark or lines on a surface.
  22. Earn or achieve a base by being walked by the pitcher.
  23. Engage in drawing.
  24. Represent by making a drawing of, as with a pencil, chalk, etc. on a surface.
  25. Write a legal document or paper.
  26. Elicit responses, such as objections, criticism, applause, etc..
  27. Take liquid out of a container or well.
  28. Bring, take, or pull out of a container or from under a cover.
  29. Move or go steadily or gradually.
  30. Cause to flow.
  31. Cause to move in a certain direction by exerting a force upon, either physically or in an abstract sense.
  32. Get or derive.
  33. Remove (a commodity) from (a supply source).
  34. Pull (a person) apart with four horses tied to his extremities, so as to execute him.
  35. Require a specified depth for floating.
  36. Allow a draft.
Part of Speech(动) verb, (不及物的动) intransitive verb, (及物的动) transitive verb, (名) noun
Matching Results
to pull; to play (a bowed instrument); to drag; to draw; to chat
see 拉杂
tuōto drag; to tow; to trail; to hang down; to mop (the floor); to delay; to drag on
拖拉tuōlāto drag along; to haul; (fig.) to procrastinate; shilly-shallying; sluggish; (computing) drag and drop; (loanword) tola, unit of weight, approx. 11.664 grams
挨近āijìnto approach; to get close to; to sneak up on; near to
领取lǐngqǔto receive; to draw; to get
引来yǐnláito cause
抽签决定chōuqiān juédìngdraw; to decide by lots
huàto draw; measure word for paintings, etc.; variant of
huàpicture; painting
描写miáoxiěto describe; to depict; to portray; description
制订zhìdìngto work out; to formulate
to draw (water); (Chinese surname)
吸住xīzhùto draw (towards); to be drawn to; to be sucked in
和局héjúdraw; tied game
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