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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Speak with others about (something); talk (something) over in detail; have a discussion.
  2. To consider or examine in speech or writing.
Part of Speech(及物的动) transitive verb
Matching Results
讨论tǎolùnto discuss; to talk over
商议shāngyìto negotiate; discussion; proposal
呛咕qiāngguto discuss (dialect)
筹商chóushāngto discuss (a plan); to negotiate (an outcome)
筹议chóuyìto discuss (a plan)
说道shuōdaoto discuss; reason (behind something)
谈谈tántánto discuss; to have a chat
讲论jiǎnglùnto discuss
辩手biànshǒuto discuss
阐述出chǎnshù chūto discuss
洽谈了qiàtán leto discuss
商量一下shāngliang yīxiàto discuss
谈过tánguòto discuss
讨论了tǎolùn leto discuss
唠起láoqǐto discuss
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