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(形) As an adjective
  1. Spoiled or ruined or demolished.
  2. Destroyed physically or morally.
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jiùto destroy, to slander; to abuse; to defame, (non-classical form of ) a fault; a defect, an error, to blame; to censure
jiǎoto destroy; to extirpate
destroyed; injure
guǐto destroy; to damage; dilapidated; collapsed
捣毁dǎohuǐto destroy; to smash; sabotage
to destroy; to rip; to tear open
殚残dāncánto destroy
毁掉huǐdiàoto destroy
毁除huǐchúto destroy
to destroy; to stop
湮灭yīnmièto destroy; to disappear; annihilation
砸毁záhuǐto destroy; to smash
huīdestroy; overthrow
冲毁chōnghuǐto destroy
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