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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Completely wanting or lacking.
  2. Poor enough to need help from others.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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缺乏quēfáto lack; to be short of; lack; shortage
窘匮jiǒngkuìdestitute; impoverished
穷困qióngkùndestitute; wretched poverty
穷愁qióngchóudestitute; troubled; penniless and full of care
颠沛diānpèidestitute; difficulty; hardship; trouble
凋敝diāobìimpoverished; destitute; hard; depressed (of business); tattered; ragged
家贫如洗jiā pín rú xǐextreme poverty (idiom); destitute; penniless; poor as church mice
清贫qīngpínpoor but upright; destitute
穷家薄业qióng jiā bó yèpoor and with few means of subsistance (idiom); destitute
穷棒子qióng bàngzipoor but spirited person; destitute; the poor (traditional)
缺衣少食quē yī shǎoshíshort of food and clothing; destitute
穷苦qióngkǔimpoverished; destitute
qióngpoor; destitute; to use up; to exhaust; thoroughly; extremely; (coll.) persistently and pointlessly
倥偬kǒngzǒngpressing; urgent; poverty-stricken; destitute
衣单食薄yī dān shí bóthin coat, meager food (idiom); life of wretched poverty; destitute
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