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心术xīnshùdesigns; schemes; intentions; scheming; calculating (of a person)
设计出shèjì chūto design
设计上shèjì shàngto design
构思gòusīto design; to plot; to plan out; to compose; to draw a mental sketch; conception; plan; idea; composition
图案tú'àndesign; pattern
企划qǐhuàto plan; to lay out; to design
外观设计wàiguān shèjìlook; external appearance; design; overall brand look or logo that can be patented
形制xíngzhìform; shape; structure; design
形质xíngzhìform; structure; design
款式kuǎnshìpattern; style; design
造型zàoxíngto model; to shape; appearance; style; design; form; pose
设计shèjìplan; design; to design; to plan
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