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English Definition
(名) As a noun
  1. The act of demanding.
  2. Required activity.
  3. An urgent or peremptory request.
  4. The ability and desire to purchase goods and services.
  5. A condition requiring relief.
(动) As a verb
  1. Request urgently and forcefully.
  2. Claim as due or just.
  3. Ask to be informed of.
  4. Summon to court.
  5. Lay legal claim to.
  6. Require as useful, just, or proper.
Part of Speech(及物的动) transitive verb, (名) noun
Matching Results
要求yāoqiúto request; to require; to stake a claim; to ask; to demand
请求qǐngqiúto request; to ask; request
查问cháwènto inquire about
需要xūyàoto need; to want; to demand; to require; requirement; need
需求xūqiúrequirement; to require; (economics) demand
索讨suǒtǎoto demand; to claim
yāoto demand; to request; to coerce
需求量xūqiú liàng(quantity of) demand
讨要tǎoyāoto demand
suǒto search; to demand; to ask; to exact; large rope; isolated; (Chinese surname); abbr. for 索马里, Somalia
索取suǒqǔto ask; to demand
索求suǒqiúto seek; to demand
讨取tǎoqǔto ask for; to demand
suǒto search; to demand; to ask; to exact
活期huóqī(banking) current (account); checking (account); demand (deposit etc)
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