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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Disabled in the feet or legs.
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瘸腿quétuǐcrippled; lame; a cripple; a lame person
(non-classical form of ) lame; crippled
ānlame; crippled; feeble
lame; crippled
hòuhard to walk, lame; crippled
èlame; crippled
qiān(interchangeable ) lame; crippled, slow, weak; feeble, difficult; hard
chēngto walk slowly, lame; crippled, long and thin legs, to walk alone, to insist on one's ways in doing things
mínlame; crippled, to go across; to go beyond, hoofs of the animal
bèiwalk slowly because of the wrong position of the feet, (same as ) a kind of wolf with shorter forelegs, lame; crippled
qiùlame; crippled, to jump; to leap, to walk
láilame; crippled, to stumble
䮿jiǎn(same as ) lame; crippled, slow, weak; feeble; a vicious horse; a feeble donkey
to limp; lame; crippled
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