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𨻲xiàcrack, fissure
chèto crack; to split; to break; to chap
夹缝jiāfèngcrack; crevice
枪声qiāngshēngcrack; shooting sound; gunshot
爆鸣bàomíngcrack; exploding sound
kuǎncrack; hollow; cavity; to excavate or hollow out; (onom.) water hitting rock; (old) variant of
精干jīnggàncrack (troops); special (forces); highly capable
缝子fèngzicrack; chink; narrow slit; crevice
xiàcrack; gap
裂化lièhuàto crack (fractionally distill oil)
裂璺lièwèncrack; split; fracture line
裂痕lièhéncrack; gap; split
裂纹lièwéncrack; flaw
裂缝lièfèngcrack; crevice
crack; crevice; gap or interval; loophole; discord; rift
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