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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Satisfied or showing satisfaction with things as they are.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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满足mǎnzúto satisfy; to meet (the needs of); satisfied; content
dāncontent; happy
恬退tiántuìcontented; uninterested in wealth and glory
乐滋滋lè zī zī(coll.) contented; happy
涵意hányìcontent; meaning; connotation; implication; same as 涵义
涵义hányìcontent; meaning; connotation; implication
自得zìdécontented; pleased with one's position
āncontent; calm; still; quiet; safe; secure; in good health; to find a place for; to install; to fix; to fit; to bring (a charge against somebody); to pacify; to harbor (good intentions); security; safety; peace; ampere; (Chinese surname)
含量hánliàngcontent; quantity contained
内容nèiróngcontent; substance; details
悦色yuèsèhappy; contented
happy; contented; pleased, fragile, nearly; almost, cunning; crafty
yānsatiated; contented
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