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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Prevent from being seen or discovered.
  2. Hold back; keep from being perceived by others.
Part of Speech(及物的动) transitive verb
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隐瞒yǐnmánto conceal; to hide (a taboo subject); to cover up the truth
隐匿yǐnnìto cover up; to hide; to conceal
隐蔽yǐnbìto conceal; to hide; covert; under cover
隐藏yǐncángto hide; to conceal; to mask; to shelter; to harbor (i.e. keep something hidden); to hide oneself; to lie low; to nestle; hidden; implicit; private; covert; recessed (lighting)
zhōuto conceal; to cover
mèito conceal; dark
cuànto conceal; to hide
藏藏掖掖cáng cángyē yēto conceal
隐蔽化yǐnbì huàto conceal
隐蔽起来yǐnbì qǐlaito conceal
chànto conceal; to hide, to shade; to darken
掩盖yǎngàito conceal; to hide behind; to cover up
cángto conceal; to hide away; to harbor; to store; to collect
kàng(dialect) to hide; to conceal
壅蔽yōngbì(literary) to cover; to conceal; to hide from view
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