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to compare; to match; to equal
jiàocompare; criticize
相较xiāngjiàoto compare
比一下bǐ yīxiàto compare
比较比较bǐjiào bǐjiàoto compare
比起来bǐqǐ láito compare
háoto compare; to estimate
比拟bǐnǐto compare; to draw a parallel; to match; analogy; metaphor; comparison
相比xiāngbǐto compare
比喻bǐyùto compare; to liken to; metaphor; analogy; figure of speech; figuratively
比较bǐjiàoto compare; to contrast; comparatively; relatively; quite; comparison
对照duìzhàoto contrast; to compare; to place side by side for comparison (as parallel texts); to check
(particle used for comparison and "-er than"); to compare; to contrast; to gesture (with hands); ratio; Belgium; Belgian; abbr. for 比利时
jiàoto proofread; to check; to compare
to plan to; to draft (a plan); to imitate; to assess; to compare; pseudo-
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