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English Definition
(动) As a verb
  1. Express approval of.
  2. Mention as by way of greeting or to indicate friendship.
  3. Express a good opinion of.
  4. Give to in charge.
  5. Present as worthy of regard, kindness, or confidence.
Part of Speech(动) verb
Matching Results
委托给wěituō gěirelegate to
推荐tuījiànto recommend; recommendation
嘉奖jiājiǎngto award; commendation; citation
称道chēngdàoto commend; to praise
推许tuīxǔto esteem; to commend
称许chēngxǔto praise; to commend
bāoto praise; to commend; to honor; (of clothes) large or loose
显扬xiǎnyángto praise; to commend; to hallow
表彰biǎozhāngto honor; to commend; to cite (in dispatches)
表扬biǎoyángto praise; to commend
jiāexcellent; auspicious; to praise; to commend; (Chinese surname)
夸称kuāchēngto praise; to acclaim; to commend; to compliment
夸赞kuāzànto praise; to speak highly of; to commend
jiǎng(same as ) to exhort; to encourage, to praise; to commend, to advise; to urge, to help
chá(non-classical form of U+8209 ) to lift; to raise; to commend; to praise, entire; whole
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