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命令mìnglìngto order; to command
统摄tǒngshèto command
统率tǒngshuàito command; to direct
pián(kokuji) command
统帅tǒngshuàicommand; commander-in-chief
统领tǒnglǐngto lead; to command; commander; officer
警备区jǐngbèi qūgarrison area; command
shuàito lead; to command; rash; hasty; frank; straightforward; generally; usually
下令xiàlìngto give an order; to command
指令zhǐlìngorder; command; instruction
lìngto order; to command; an order; warrant; writ; to cause; to make something happen; virtuous; honorific title; season; government position (old)
率领shuàilǐngto lead; to command; to head
指挥zhǐhuīto conduct; to command; to direct; conductor (of an orchestra)
jiànggeneral; commander-in-chief (military); king (chess piece); to command; to lead
吩咐fēnfùto tell; to instruct; to command
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