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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Not open.
  2. Not open or affording passage or access.
  3. Used especially of mouth or eyes.
  4. Blocked against entry.
  5. Of an interval that contains both its endpoints.
  6. Not having an open mind.
  7. Not open to the general public.
  8. With shutters closed.
  9. Requiring union membership.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
Matching Results
关闭的guānbì declosed
关闭guānbìto close; to shut
合上héshàngto close (box, book, mouth etc)
密实mìshíclose (texture); dense; densely woven
相近xiāngjìnclose; similar to
míngto close (the eyes)
纤密xiānmìclose; fine; intricate
闭上bìshangto close; to shut up
ànto close (a door); to eclipse; muddled; stupid; ignorant
关上guānshàngto close (a door); to turn off (light, electrical equipment etc)
绕不开的rào bùkāideclosed
关张guānzhāngto close
to close, shut the door with a bang, to soar, (ancient form ) a Chinese family name
截止jiézhǐto close; to stop; to put a stop to something; cut-off point; stopping point; deadline
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