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(形) As an adjective
  1. Stopped up; clogged up.
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to choke (in crying)
qiāngto choke (because of swallowing the wrong way)
yōngto choke
to choke (on); to choke up; to suffocate
噎住yēzhùto choke (on); to choke off (in speech)
窒息zhìxīto choke; to stifle; to suffocate
choke, lump in throat; food stuck in the throat
to choke; the throat chocked and unable to breath smoothly
biēto choke; to stifle; to restrain; to hold back; to hold in (urine); to hold (one's breath)
卡住kǎzhùto jam; to choke; to clutch
qiàngto irritate the nose; to choke (of smoke, smell etc); pungent; (coll.) (Tw) to shout at somebody; to scold; to speak out against somebody
节流jiéliúto control flow; to choke; weir valve; a throttle; a choke
充塞chōngsècongestion; to block; to congest; to crowd; to choke; to cram; to fill up; to stuff; to take up all the space
qiàngto stir-fry then cook with sauce and water; to boil food briefly then dress with soy, etc.; to choke; to irritate (throat etc)
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