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改变gǎibiànto change; to alter; to transform
变化biànhuàchange; variation; to change; to vary
中转zhōngzhuǎnto change (train or plane); transfer; correspondence
找头zhǎotouchange (from money paid)
改换gǎihuànto change (something); to alter (something); to change over (to something else)
更递gēngdìto change; to substitute
流于liúyúto change (for the worse)
变样biànyàngto change (appearance); to change shape
转往zhuǎnwǎngto change (to final stretch of journey)
改一下gǎi yīxiàto change
改一改gǎi yī gǎito change
改好gǎihǎoto change
改变下gǎibiàn xiàto change
换掉huàndiàoto change
换换huànhuànto change
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