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调用diàoyòngto transfer (for a specific purpose); to allocate; (computing) to invoke (a command, an application etc)
叫作jiàozuòto call; to be called
叫道jiàodàoto call; to shout
呼召hūzhàoto call (to do something)
招唤zhāohuànto call; to summon
打来dǎláito call
to call; to scream; to whistle, name of a stream
拨打bōdǎto call; to dial
huànto call
称呼chēnghuto call; to address as; appellation
to call; to cry; to shout; to breath out; to exhale
号召hàozhàoto call; to appeal
冠以guànyǐto label; to call
to exhale; to call; scream of tiger
跟注gēnzhùto match a bet; to call (poker)
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