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哥儿gērbrothers; boys
兄弟xiōngdìbrothers; younger brother; I, me (humble term used by men in public speech); brotherly; fraternal
兄妹xiōngmèibrother(s) and sister(s)
兄台xiōngtáibrother (polite appellation for a friend one's age)
弟兄dìxiongbrothers; comrade
弟兄们dìxiong menbrothers; comrades; men; brethren
昆仲kūnzhòng(literary) brothers; elder and younger brother
两兄弟liǎng xiōngdìbrothers
兄弟们xiōngdì menbrothers
哥儿们gēr menbrothers
手足shǒuzúhands and feet; (fig.) brothers (in a secret society); retinue, henchmen, accomplices
哥们gēmenBrothers!; brethren; dude (colloquial); brother (diminutive form of address between males)
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