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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Physically and forcibly separated into pieces or cracked or split.
  2. (especially of promises or contracts) having been violated or disregarded.
  3. Not continuous in space, time, or sequence or varying abruptly.
  4. Lacking a part or parts.
  5. Discontinuous.
  6. Out of working order.
  7. Destroyed financially.
  8. Weakened and infirm.
  9. Thrown into a state of disarray or confusion.
  10. Imperfectly spoken or written.
  11. Subdued or brought low in condition or status.
  12. Topographically very uneven.
  13. Tamed or trained to obey.
Part of Speech(动) verb, (形) adjective
Matching Results
坏掉huàidiàospoilt; ruined
打破dǎpòto break; to smash
伤透shāngtòuto break (somebody's heart); to cause grief to
cuīto break; to destroy; to devastate; to ravage; to repress
断开duànkāito break; to sever; to turn off (electric switch)
残破cánpòbroken; dilapidated
破解pòjiěto break (a bond, constraint etc); to explain; to unravel; to decipher; to decode
砸破zápòto break; to shatter
换开huànkāibreak (a large bill)
打坏dǎhuàito break; a term used to describe the feeble or deformed state of the body (literally: used bad; messed up seed while breeding)
打破了dǎpò leto break
打断一下dǎduàn yīxiàto break
弄破了nòng pò leto break
㪿zhéto break; to snap; to bend; to bow down
guāibroken; smashed, trivial, irregular, different; varied sizes (of rocks)
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