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(形) As an adjective
  1. Confined by bonds.
  2. Secured with a cover or binding.
  3. Governed by fate.
  4. Confined in the bowels.
  5. Held with another element, substance or material in chemical or physical union.
  6. Bound by contract.
  7. Headed or intending to head in a certain direction.
  8. Covered or wrapped with a bandage.
  9. Bound by an oath.
(名) As a noun
  1. A light, self-propelled movement upwards or forwards.
  2. The greatest possible degree of something.
  3. The line or plane indicating the limit or extent of something.
  4. A line determining the limits of an area.
(动) As a verb
  1. Place limits on (extent or access).
  2. Spring back; spring away from an impact.
  3. Move forward by leaps and bounds.
  4. Form the boundary of; be contiguous to.
Part of Speech(动) verb, (形) adjective, (名) noun, (及物的动) transitive verb
Matching Results
yuèto jump; to leap
范围fànwéirange; scope; limit; extent
边界biānjièboundary; border
受约束shòu yuēshùrestricted; constrained
装订zhuāngdìngbookbinding; to bind (books etc)
有义务yǒu yìwùto have a duty
关联guānliánrelated; linked; affiliated
juànto bind
牵绊qiānbànto bind; to yoke; to impede
粘合niánhéto bind; agglutination
xúnbind; silkcords
约制yuēzhìto bind; to restrict; to constrain
绑扎bǎngzāto bind; to wrap up; binding (computer science)
táobind; cord; twist
, (Tw)to bind; to tie
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