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Part of Speech(复数) plural noun, (动) verb
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身体shēntǐthe body; one's health; in person
主体zhǔtǐmain part; bulk; body; subject; agent
尸体shītǐdead body; corpse; carcass
rénman; person; people
身板shēnbǎnbody; physique; physical condition
gōngbody; oneself; personally; to bow
躯体qūtǐbody; carcass
body, fat; plump
body; form; style; system; substance; to experience; aspect (linguistics)
shēnbody; life; oneself; personally; one's morality and conduct; the main part of a structure or body; pregnant; measure word for sets of clothes: suit, twinset; Kangxi radical 158
身子shēnzibody; pregnancy; health
物体wùtǐobject; body; substance
肢体zhītǐlimb; limbs and trunk; body
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