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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Having a base of operations.
  2. Having a base.
Part of Speech(动) verb
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基于jīyúbecause of; on the basis of; in view of; on account of
卑下bēixiàbase; low
卑劣bēilièbase; mean; despicable
可鄙kěbǐbase; mean; despicable
坯子pīzibase; semifinished product; (fig.) the makings of (a talented actor etc)
base; foundation; basic; radical (chemistry); (slang) gay
基线jīxiànbase (of a triangle); base line (in geodetic survey); horizontal
底子dǐzibase; foundation; bottom
底座dǐzuòbase; pedestal; foundation
底边dǐbiānbase (of a triangle); base line; hem line (of skirt)
泼贱pōjiànbase; worthless
鄙劣bǐlièbase; mean; despicable
jiǎnbase; alkali; soda (chemistry)
卑鄙bēibǐbase; mean; contemptible; despicable
基地jīdìbase (of operations); industrial or military base; al-Qaeda
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