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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Being in a state of proper equilibrium.
Part of Speech(动) verb
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平衡pínghéngbalance; equilibrium
均衡jūnhéngequal; balanced; harmony; equilibrium
尾款wěikuǎnbalance (money remaining due)
差额chā'ébalance (financial); discrepancy (in a sum or quota); difference
平衡态pínghéng tàibalance; (state of) equilibrium
摆轮bǎilúnbalance (of a watch or clock); balance wheel
结存jiécúnbalance; cash in hand
结余jiéyúbalance; cash surplus
余额yú'ébalance (of an account, bill etc); surplus; remainder
平衡性pínghéng xìngbalance
兼顾jiāngùto attend simultaneously to two or more things; to balance (career and family, family and education etc)
扯平chěpíngto make even; to balance; (fig.) to be even; to call it quits
chènto fit; balanced; suitable
余存yúcúnremainder; balance
调剂tiáojìto adjust; to balance; to make up a medical prescription
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