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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Inspiring awe or admiration or wonder.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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可怕kěpàawful; dreadful; fearful; formidable; frightful; scary; hideous; horrible; terrible; terribly
倍儿棒bèir bàng(dialect) awesome; excellent
帅呆了shuàidāi leawesome; brilliant; magnificent
板扎bǎnzhā(dialect) awesome; excellent
牛屄niúbīawesome; capable (vulgar); arrogant; cocky; bastard (vulgar)
酷毙kùbì(slang) awesome; cool; righteous
猛料měngliàohot news item; awesome
绝赞juézànamazing; awesome; ultimate
雄壮xióngzhuàngmajestic; awesome; full of power and grandeur
霹雳pīlìclap of thunder; thunderbolt; (slang) awesome; shocking; terrifying; Perak (state of Malaysia)
正点zhèngdiǎnon time; punctual (of train etc); awesome (slang)
波澜老成bōlán lǎochéngsplendid and powerful (of story); majestic; awesome
xuànto dazzle; to boast; to show off; (slang) cool; awesome
硬扎yìngzhāstrong; sturdy; awesome
给力gěilìcool; nifty; awesome; impressive; to put in extra effort
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