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English Definition
(形) As an adjective
  1. Marked by care and persistent effort.
Part of Speech(形) adjective
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勤勉qínmiǎndiligence; diligent; industrious
刻苦kèkǔhardworking; assiduous
刻苦努力kèkǔ nǔlìassiduous; taking great pains
刻苦学习kèkǔ xuéxíto study hard; assiduous
勤勤恳恳qínqín kěn kěnindustrious and conscientious; assiduous
勤奋刻苦qínfèn kèkǔdiligent; assiduous
勤苦qínkǔhardworking; assiduous
学习刻苦xuéxí kèkǔto study hard; assiduous
崭劲zhǎnjìnvery hard-working; assiduous
勤恳qínkěndiligent and attentive; assiduous; sincere
孜孜zīzīdiligent; hardworking; industrious; assiduous
孜孜不倦zīzī bùjuànlit. diligent and never slacking (idiom); continuous concentrated effort; assiduous (in study); to concentrate
谆谆zhūnzhūnearnest; devoted; tireless; sincere; assiduous
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