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(名) As a noun
  1. A large number of people united for some specific purpose.
  2. A permanent organization of the military land forces of a nation or state.
  3. The army of the United States of America; the agency that organizes and trains soldiers for land warfare.
Part of Speech(名) noun
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军队jūnduìarmy; troops
正规军zhèngguī jūnregular army; standing army
野战军yězhàn jūnfield army
大军dàjūnarmy; main forces
jiǔarmy (used during the Liao, Jin and Yuan dynasties)
军公教jūn gōng jiàoarmy, civil service and education; all branches of state employment
陆海空三军lù hǎi kōng sānjūnarmy, navy, air force
陆海空军lù hǎikōngjūnarmy, navy and air force
陆军部队lùjūn bùduìarmy
jūnarmy; military; arms
部队bùduìarmy; armed forces; troops; force; unit
rónggeneric term for weapons (old); army (matters); military affairs; (Chinese surname)
兵团bīngtuánlarge military unit; formation; corps; army
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