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唇舌chúnshéargument; words; lips and tongue
论争lùnzhēngargument; debate; controversy
论调lùndiàoargument; view (sometimes derogatory)
变元biànyuán(math.) argument; variable
论点lùndiǎnargument; line of reasoning; thesis; point (of discussion)
极角jíjiǎopolar angle; argument (angle in polar coordinates)
立论lìlùnproposition; argument
辩论biànlùndebate; argument; to argue over
道理dàolireason; argument; sense; principle; basis; justification
一说yīshuō(way of) saying (something); statement; argument; theory; according to one theory, interpretation, etc.
说辞shuōcíexcuse; pretext; entreaties; arguments
言论yánlùnexpression of opinion; views; remarks; arguments
diàoto transfer; to move (troops or cadres); to investigate; to enquire into; accent; view; argument; key (in music); mode (music); tune; tone; melody
争论zhēnglùnto argue; to debate; to contend; argument; contention; controversy; debate
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