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(形) As an adjective
  1. Of the relatively near future.
(名) As a noun
  1. The act of drawing spatially closer to something.
  2. The temporal property of becoming nearer in time.
  3. The event of one object coming closer to another.
Matching Results
侵入qīnrùto make (military) incursions; to invade; to intrude into; to trespass; to gain unauthorized access (computing)
língto approach; to rise high; thick ice; to insult or maltreat; (Chinese surname)
挨近āijìnto approach; to get close to; to sneak up on; near to
凑近còujìnto approach; to lean close to
bīnto approach; to border on; near
莅止lìzhǐto approach; to come close
走近zǒujìnto approach; to draw near to
趋近qūjìnto approach (a numerical value); to converge to a limit (in calculus); convergence
迫临pòlínto approach; to press in
迫近pòjìnto approach; to press in
仅为jǐnwéito approach
即化jíhuàto approach
接近于jiējìn yúto approach
来临láilínto approach; to come closer
接近jiējìnto approach; to get close to
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